The courses I teach incorporate scaffolded assignments; a mix of group and individual work; a mix of formal and informal assignments; lots of reading, writing, and discussing; and ongoing revision and reflection in light of commentary from me and from peer review.

//Selected Courses Taught

at Transylvania University

  • WRC 2214: Business Writing [Fall 2018 WordPress site]
  • WRC 3054: Digital Rhetoric [Winter 2019 WordPress site]
  • WRC 3124: Digital Travel Writing in Ireland [May 2016 WordPress site]
  • WRC 3234: Feminist Rhetorics [pdf]
  • WRC 4444: Senior Seminar [pdf]
  • FYS 1002: First-Year Seminar, Expository (a course designed using translingual literacy and cross-cultural composition research that brings together native English speakers and multilingual learners) [Fall 2015 WordPress site]
  • FYS 1004: First-Year Seminar [Winter 2017 WordPress site]

at Bowling Green State University

  • Eng 2070: Intermediate Writing [WordPress site—this is from 2011, y’all; old school WordPress!]
    Co-designed & co-taught with Stacy Kastner (we each taught a section but frequently attended each other’s class sessions and held small group conferences with a mix of students from each section). Focus on multimodal literacies & reflective learning.

Contact Info

Office: 210 MFA
Winter 2018 Office Hours
M/W: 12-2pm
Th: 4:15-5:15 pm
& by appointment
"I like to see feminist theory as a reinvented coyote discourse obligated to its sources in many heterogenous accounts of the world."
-- Donna Haraway
“Education must begin with the solution of the teacher-student contradiction, by reconciling the poles of the contradiction so that both are simultaneously students and teachers.”
-- Paulo Freire
"Writing is feminist machinery, and play is one of its gears."
-- Laura Micciche